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It has become all too familiar to feel like you are being passed through the system and brushed aside when seeing a pain management doctor these days. In a healthcare system that rewards quantity and not quality, it has become harder for a patient to be heard and feel like they are treated appropriately. Many times, you wait in the waiting room for a prolonged period of time only to briefly see the pain physician for less than 15 minutes. With thousands of patients that a pain physician has to see in a traditional practice, it has become impossible to create a meaningful doctor patient relationship. The hurried interaction also leaves more room for error and misdiagnosis.

As your Saint Louis pain management physicians, we believe in a patient centered approach. We spend an extensive amount of time getting to know you and evaluating your pain with a thorough interview and exam. Without time constraints, there is ample time to determine the true cause of your pain and formulate a concise treatment plan. This approach creates a high quality and cost effective experience where unnecessary imaging, labs or procedures are not done. We want to give the power back to our patients and create a long lasting relationship where you are not just another number but a highly respected client.

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