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In today’s world, many people take numerous prescription and over the counter medications. With the risk of side effects and possible interactions between medications, it’s no surprise that some have begun looking to more “natural” remedies for treatment of certain ail...

Anyone that has fibromyalgia knows firsthand all the trials and tribulations that go along with this medical condition. It is not easy to diagnose because the symptoms such as difficulty with sleep, constantly feeling tired, insensitivity to temperature, and of course...

For some people a group of medications called Statins can be lifesaving; they can lower cholesterol and are especially important for people after a heart attack or stroke. Unfortunately, one of their biggest side effects is muscle pain—commonly known as a statin myopat...

Have you ever fallen on your hip and had tender pain along the outside of your hip joint. If so you might have had something called ‘trochanteric bursitis’. In most cases we just bruise the area and the pain goes away. In other cases the pain persists for months or ev...

Many nerves in the arm can get compressed and cause pain to be felt in the hand. Fortunately, these problems can often times be adequately treated without any need for surgery.

If you tend to do any of these 5 things regularly then you could be putting yourself at risk for unnecessary sources of pain. These are activities that people do everyday but they can be avoided with only minor changes. What mistakes could you be making that are exposi...

In pain management, steroid injections are a very common tool for treating pain. From muscle strains, to ligament sprains, and even pinched nerves, the first line treatment often includes an injection.

So you are a pre-diabetic and are probably thinking to yourself “things could be worse, at least I am not a diabetic, after all, it is diabetics that have all the health issues, not pre-diabetics.” If this is your mentality then allow me to set the record straight—you...

But did you know that there are many causes of pain that can mimic a pinched nerve? That’s right, not all pain that feels like a pinched nerve is a pinched nerve.

Organophosphate-induced delayed polyneuropathy is a condition that primarily affects the nerves that control a person’s muscles (motor nerves) or supply sensation (sensory nerves).

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Your Degenerative Disc Disease Is Not What You Think It Is

December 4, 2016

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