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Sacroiliac Joint Injections

What is a sacroiliac joint injection?

This procedure targets inflammation in joints found in the lowest part of the spine. These joints are located where the back of the pelvis and the last part of the spine called the sacrum connect. These joints can easily be found by locating the dimples on your lower back. Pain in these joints can be caused by arthritis, trauma or certain medical conditions that can damage the sacroiliac joints. Sacroiliac joint pain can be a common cause of low back pain but can be significantly improved with a sacroiliac joint injection which helps to reduce inflammation and decrease pain. 

Who is a candidate for sacroiliac joint injections?

Those that could benefit from sacroiliac joint injections have symptoms that include:​

  • Pain that is located in the lowest part of the back

  • Pain that radiates to the back of the thighs and sometimes the groin region

  • Stiffness in the low back region

  • Tenderness over the sacroiliac joints (dimples in the low back) when pressed

  • Pain worse with standing and better when lying down

What are some of the conditions that these injections are used for?

What to expect during the procedure?

The sacroiliac joints are identified by using an x-ray machine called a c-arm. After the skin is anesthetized, a thin needle is directed toward the sacroiliac joints. The c-arm allows the physician to guide the needle towards the joint and confirm that the needle is in the right spot. When that is done, a mixture of numbing medicine and a powerful anti-inflammatory is injected into the sacroiliac joint. This medication decreases inflammation and thus provides pain relief. 

For more information or to discuss an appropriate treatment plan for your back pain with one of our specialized pain management physicians, call Saint Louis Spine and Joint Pain Specialists today.

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