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Intra-articular Shoulder Injections

What is an intra-articular shoulder injection?

This injection helps to provide pain relief and decrease in inflammation that occurs from arthritis in the shoulder joint. 

Who is a candidate for intra-articular shoulder injections?

Those that could benefit from these shoulder injections have symptoms that include:​

  • Decreased movement of the shoulder

  • Pain in the shoulder when moving the arm especially when raising the arm above your head

  • Shoulder stiffness

  • Grinding sensation when moving the shoulder

What are some of the conditions that these injections are used for?

  • Shoulder Arthritis

  • Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

  • Shoulder Labral Tear

What to expect during the procedure?

An x-ray machine called a c-arm is used to ensure that the medication gets to its target location inside the shoulder joint. This is done by taking x-ray pictures while a thin needle is directed to the joint. The pictures allow the physician to see where the needle is going and when it reaches the joint. After the needle is confirmed to be inside the shoulder joint, medication consisting of numbing medicine and a powerful anti-inflammatory steroid is injected. This shoulder injection can provide significant relief of pain and improvement in the shoulder range of motion.

For more information or to discuss an appropriate treatment plan for your shoulder pain with one of our specialized pain management physicians, call Saint Louis Spine and Joint Pain Specialists today.

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