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A Simple Treatment For 3 Causes of Nerve Pain That Radiate To the Hand

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Numbness, tingling, decreased sensation, and weakness are some of the symptoms of nerve pain. Many nerves in the arm can get compressed and cause pain to be felt in the hand. Fortunately, these problems can often times be adequately treated with a steroid injection without any need for surgery. Here are 3 causes of nerve pain that can radiate into a person’s hand and cause discomfort:

1. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

The nerve involved, called the ‘medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve’, can get compressed for any number of reasons as it travels its long path between the neck and hand. Compression of this nerve is fortunately very uncommon but when it does occur, may present as odd sensations along the pinky side of your forearm and hand. If this nerve irritation is severe enough it can even cause weakness. Reasons for compression can include tight muscles in the neck, an extra rib in the neck region, or just from repetitive stress which can occur in some people such as female volleyball players.

2. Wrist Watch Syndrome

There is a nerve that is located just under the area that a person normally wears their wrist watch. When this nerve gets pinched by a watch it can cause numbness and tingling on top of the hand near the thumb. The name ‘wrist watch syndrome’ comes from the fact that a wrist watch is able to cause this. This nerve can be compressed for many other reasons one of which includes wearing tight hand-cuffs—just another reason to stay out of trouble.

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A nerve that supplies sensation to the thumb, index finger, middle finger and half of your ring finger is known as the median nerve. The nerve is located on the underside of your wrist. This nerve can become pinched during pregnancy, injury, repetitive wrist movements or if a person has thick wrists . This is one of the most commonly compressed nerves in medicine and can even lead to weakness in the hand muscles.

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